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All Food Stalls that sell food need to ensure they are compliant with all Food Safety procedures, as inspections from the Local Council health Inspectors will take place prior to operations

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Important Dates to Remember

31st January 2018 is the deadline to secure your existing site from 2017. After this date it will be available to the wider public.

31st March 2018 is the deadline to secure ‘events and demonstrations’.

27th April 2018  is the FINAL date to secure a site and to have your business listed in the Official Handout, after this date your will miss out and only be included online.


Sharing or subletting

The exhibitor shall NOT sublet the display site or part thereof without prior approval by the organiser and will also NOT SHARE without prior approval.  Any exhibitor who is found to be sharing or subletting risks being asked to leave and will therefore forfeit all monies paid.

Theft, loss and/or damage

Whilst taking all care and providing security for the duration of the RFD, the Coro Club (as organiser of the Riverina Field Days) SHALL NOT be held responsible for theft, loss or damage to the exhibitors’ property whilst at the Riverina Field Days.

Public liability

Exhibitors MUST have their own Public Risk Liability insurance cover whilst on site and should complete the necessary section on the Application Form.  We prefer a minimum cover of $ 10 million, but will accept $5 million from smaller exhibitors.  Failure to supply this information on your form will mean you WILL NOT be able to attend.

Setting up

Exhibitors MUST be set up by 6 pm on Thursday evening and leave the site. NO unloading will be permitted after 6 pm but there will be forklifts available to start at daylight on Friday for late comers.    All displays must remain intact until 4 pm on the Saturday.

Any exhibitor who chooses not to set up until early on the Friday morning does so at their own risk should there be a problem with their site.  i.e. tent in wrong place, not there or someone else on site etc.  and this necessitates moving the said exhibitor.

Cleaning your site

All exhibitors are requested to leave their site in a reasonably tidy condition.  If there is not a garbage bin close to your site, please leave any rubbish, boxes etc. in a pile on one part of your site.  Should your site be left in a condition which the organisers deem unacceptable you may not be invited to attend the following year.


Exhibitors must provide their own machinery for demonstration purposes.


As mentioned elsewhere on the Website, use of the crane outside specified loading or unloading times, shall be at the exhibitor’s own expense.

Cancellation fees

Exhibitors must advise of their cancellation in writing to RFD. Cancellations received 90-61 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 25% of the site fee; cancellations received 60-31 days prior to the field days will attract a  cancellation fee of 50% of the site fee; cancellations received within the 30 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 100% of the site fee.

Conformation of acts of parliament

Exhibitors shall conform with the requirements of any Act of Parliament which may govern the erection of structures, the display and sale of machinery and/or other products or good or  the Exhibitor and Regulations By-laws and Ordinances made under such acts.

Right of refusal

Given the size of the event, the organisers of the Field Day reserve the right to refuse an exhibitor based on:

  1. the appropriateness of the products for sale, or
  2. if it is considered that attendance by that exhibitor will adversely affect another exhibitor
  3. if we believe there are too many exhibitors selling similar products, or
  4. where the sale of products by the exhibitor is in conflict with those who have catering contracts, e.g.: Sale of drinks, tea, coffee or food items etc.

Hay Bales

Hay bales are available for hire, these will be delivered to your site, but please indicate on your application form when booking your site, these will be delivered on the Wednesday.

The Hay bales remain the property of the Riverina Field Days and if damaged or misplaced your will be charge an additional cost.