All catering, except the Publican’s Booth, has been let out on a contractual basis, which will provide exhibitors and public alike with a wide variety and high standard of food and drink—all dispensed with speedy efficiency. A couple of catering outlets will be manned on the Thursday prior to the Field Day for the benefit of exhibitors setting up and there is a small corner shop immediately outside the main gates which also provides food.


Security is provided for the whole site from the Wednesday night prior to the Field Day until the Monday morning. Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own site until 6 pm on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The site will be lit and patrolled throughout the night, however NO responsibility is taken for theft, loss or damage by the controlling body of the Riverina Field Days, the Coro Club.

For a week prior to this and for four days after the event the gates to the site are locked, thus preventing access.

Water supply

Water is supplied to some sites via pipes and taps for which exhibitors need their own hoses. For the supply of larger amounts of water to fill demonstration displays, the Riverina Field Days will need to organize a water tanker so prior arrangements for this service should be made with the organiser.

Garbage collection

Garbage will be collected late on Thursday evening and again at least twice per day during the Field Day with a run being made late on Friday for any late unpacking.

Forklifts and crane

As part of the overall service to exhibitors, the RFD will provide heavy duty unloading and loading equipment as follows:

  • Forklifts: Monday to Thursday + Saturday to Tuesday
    Crane: Thursday + Saturday only

There will be NO unloading done after 6 pm on Thursday and only under very exceptional circumstances will unloading be done on the Friday morning but only between 7 am–8 am NO loading will commence until 4 pm on the Saturday and will cease at 6 pm but will start again on Sunday morning at 8 am.

The crane will be ordered on Thursday at a specific time to enable all exhibitors requiring the crane to be unloaded at the same time. The same will apply for loading on the Saturday night.

Requirements by exhibitors outside these times for loading or unloading will be organised by, and at the exhibitor’s own expense.

Site inspections

Any exhibitor who would like to view the site is most welcome and this can be arranged by contacting the organiser.

Vehicle access to site

Because of Public Liability and OH&S there will be NO vehicles permitted on the main roads within the Showground between 9 am and 5 pm. on Friday and between 9 am and 4 pm on Saturday. Only access will be to the Public Parking areas. Any exhibitor arriving after 9 am will be forced to leave their vehicle in the Public areas. Some exceptions could be made by the gate person contacting the Organiser for extenuating circumstances.

Use of display aids

Machinery, especially tractors needed for the demonstration of sprays, mulchers, post hole diggers etc. will be responsibility of the exhibitor. The Riverina Field Days WILL NOT be providing any machinery for exhibitors.

This year we are introducing a Demonstration Area that will be utilised on Friday and Saturday, if you are interested in using this area to show off your equipment, contact the office to have your time slot allocated, “Hurry dont wait”

Delivery service

All exhibitors should be aware that the Riverina Field Days supply a FREE delivery service to the public. Appropriate forms are available for this service and exhibitors who feel their customers may need to avail themselves of this service should collect these forms from the office on Thursday.