Riverina Field Days


Site Maps, Application Form

Main Arena - EnlargedWoodside Hall
Stuart McWilliam Pavillion (Woodside Hall overflow)Powered area behind grandstand for food vendors

New exhibitors should be aware that all previous exhibitors have first option on their site for each subsequent year and have until 31 January each year to confirm their site.  After this date their site is “up for grabs”.


New exhibitors will be placed on a “first in” basis after this date and you are not required to pay for your site until you are advised of site allocation so you are encouraged to fax or email your application as soon as possible.


Exhibitors who book after mid April will probably not appear in the program which is handed out at the gate and will definitely NOT appear in the official supplement which is produced by The Rural. 


NO exhibitor will be accepted after 30 April each year.